Welcome to COPA STC – where we blend the spirit of sports, technology, and celebration into one unforgettable experience. Our specialty lies in creating unique party events and corporate team-building exercises that are designed to inspire, engage, and entertain.

From action-packed technology-based soccer parties to vibrant multi-sport celebrations, we have something for everyone. Our NERF gun parties bring out the adventure in you while our Glow-in-the-Dark soccer parties add a dash of magic to your events. We believe in curating experiences that build bonds, spur excitement and foster an environment of camaraderie and joy.

For our younger fans, we host epic youth birthday and team parties that are tailor-made to your child’s preferences, creating an occasion that they will remember for years to come.
At COPA STC, our mission is simple – to ensure that every gathering becomes an occasion to remember. We’re not just about hosting parties; we’re about crafting experiences. So, whether you’re looking to strengthen your team’s bond or to celebrate your child’s special day, we’ve got you covered.

Come join us at COPA STC and experience the power of play and the joy of celebration like never before!



Versatile Spaces for Every PARTY

Bounce House Party

Get ready for an unforgettable celebration packed with laughter and energy! Our Bounce House Parties are a blast, filled with endless bouncing, sliding, and age-appropriate activities. Watch as the little ones enjoy an inflatable wonderland, bouncing to their hearts’ content. Boasting 2 customized COPA bounce houses, our Bounce House Party offers a safe and exciting environment for your child and their friends to let loose and have a blast. Let one of our fun loving, dedicated Party Coaches take care of the excitement while you sit back and enjoy all the smiles and giggles of your little ones on their special day. Get ready to bounce into the best birthday bash ever!

PRICE: $499


Toddler Turf Party

Get set for an adventure packed extravaganza tailored for 2–5-year-old explorers! From navigating the treacherous “Floor is Lava” challenge, to an exciting game of “Hungry Hippos”, the fun never stops. But wait, there’s more! Picture colorful parachutes billowing in the air as your little one’s giggle with delight, creating unforgettable moments and endless smiles. With each activity carefully selected for their age group, every second of this Party is guaranteed to be filled with laughter and wonder. It’s a whirlwind of fun where imaginations soar, friendships bloom, and memories are made to last a lifetime. Get ready to celebrate in style with this action-packed birthday bash!

PRICE: $399



Unleash the joy of sports in a whole new way with one of the world’s most advanced training technologies. This immersive technology promises an exciting environment, honing skills like 360-degree spatial awareness, passing accuracy, and speed of play – all while ensuring loads of fun! Perfect for your sports enthusiasts and their teams who want a party filled with action, improvement, and unforgettable moments! We offer games tailored to match the unique soccer skill levels, promising a balanced blend of challenge and enjoyment!

PRICE: $599



Our action-packed Nerf Parties are designed to thrill, featuring engaging game options such as Hide and Shoot, Protect the Fort, and Mission Impossible. These high-energy activities promise to be a direct hit with all of your party attendees and make for an unforgettable celebration. During the booking process, you will be prompted to select your top 3 Nerf games from a large list of options. We equip each party goer with their very own Nerf Gun for the duration of the party, supplying unlimited bullets for never ending fun. Your dedicated party host will bring the energy and make sure the participants are safe and engaged from start to finish.

PRICE: $499


Glow in the Dark Party

Calling all party animals- this party is for you! Held in our Power Goal Arena, this party offers endless possibilities. Where blacklights, neon colors, and glow in the dark equipment boast a party that will shut the lights out on all the competition- literally! From dodgeball, to soccer, to a glow in the dark dance party, your child can choose from a widespread list of age-appropriate activities that matches their interests- with an opportunity for some pretty amazing pictures too! Your party will have a dedicated party host whose main goal is to make your child’s party a day they’ll never forget. End the party in one of our party rooms and your child will leave this party ‘glowing.’  

PRICE: $499



If your child loves to play and have fun, regardless of the sport or activity, our COPA All-Sports Party is sure to be a homerun. For our youngest party goers, we offer games like Hide and Seek, Tag, Relay Races and of course, soccer! Our older attendees can choose from a wide variety of sport offerings such as soccer, dodgeball, kickball and flag football. This party is hosted on one of our Turf Fields with a dedicated party host that will make sure your party is energetic and engaging and that your athletes leave feeling like they have participated in an Olympics style day of sport, competition and FUN!

PRICE: $399


Tailoring Unforgettable Experiences

Custom Parties at COPA STC

Looking for something extraordinary for your celebration? If our standard party options don’t quite capture the unique spirit of your event, we invite you to explore our custom party options at COPA STC. We specialize in crafting expriences that can be as unique as your special occasion!
Our dedicated Party Manager will serve as your personal concierge, meticulously designing your party to match your vision and needs. Whether it’s a Glow in the Dark Party with an added Bounce House, a NERF celebration in our Glow in the Dark space, or a watch party for your favorite televised events, we take pride in our versaility and ability to deliver customized, memorable events.
At COPA STC, we thrive on transforming your unique ideas into reality, ensuring that every celebration is not just a party, but an unforgettable experience. Please feel free to reach out to us, and let’s begin creating the perfect celebration together.
Versatile Spaces for Every PARTY



Every celebration at COPA STC comes with access to one of our standard party rooms. Each room is thoughtfully outfitted with tables and chairs to comfortably seat your participating guests. We also provide black tablecloths, a water jug, and a complete set of dining essentials, including plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.


Step into a world of unrivaled festivtity with our Premium Party Room at COPA STC. This vibrant room showcases a striking nine-screen video wall, captivating disco lights, and dyanmic bar lights that pulsate to the rhythm of the music, all coupled with a concert-grade audio system – ensuring every moment is a highlight.

The 12ft x 6.5 ft video wall is equipped with Apple TV, as well as an HDMI connection – allowing you to personalize your event by displaying your own videos or slideshos. The room’s Bluetooth feature allows you to curate the perfect playlist, turning the atmosphere into a rave as you blow out your birthday candles – a moment that will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.

Upgrading to the Premium Party Room for parties with 20 + guests is strongly recommended to ensure both safety and comfortability. With it’s spacious layout and enhanced amenities, the Premium Party Room provides ample space for guests to move around comfortably, minimizing congestion and ensuring a safe party environment for everyone to enjoy.

The Premium Party Room is also available for singular event rentals – the perfect place for an exciting watch party for your favorite televised events! Inquire with the Party Manager for details.


Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our Decorated Party Room Upgrade Options! For just an additional $100 fee, dive into the action-packed world of NERF, Glow in the Dark, All Sports, or Soccer themed Party Room decorations. If chosen to add to your party, our team will prepare your Party Room for your celebration in advance by ensuring all you’ll need to do on the day of your event is enjoy yourselves! Standard black tablecloths, dining essentials, such as plates, napkins, cups, utensils, and napkins are included as well.

Party Add-Ons

What To Expect

When Partying At COPA STC

What is the Party Schedule?
Our standard All Sports, Glow in the Dark, NERF, and Cube Soccer Parties are 2 hours in length. All Parties begin with a 75-minute Activity Portion with a designated Party Coach, followed by 45 minutes in a Party Room.

Our 2-5 Parties are 90 minutes in length and are broken up into the following sections. All 2-5 Parties begin with a 60-minute Activity Portion with a designated Party Coach, followed by 30 minutes in a Party Room.
Party Availability
Typically, we offer Parties at COPA STC on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. To inquire about availability for a specific date and time, please submit the Party Inquiry Form.
How To Book a Party at COPA STC
To book your Party with us at COPA STC, you’ll need to submit the Party Inquiry Form. Our Party Manager will be in touch with you to confirm dates and times, as well as to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.
What Types of Parties Do You Offer?
Our standard Party Offerings for kids ages 6+ include: COPA Cube Soccer Party, NERF Party, Glow in the Dark Party, All Sport’s Party. Our standard Party Offerings for kids ages 2-5 include: Bounce House Party, 2-5 Toddler Turf Party. If none of these options fit what you are looking for, please reach out to our Party & Events Manager to customize your celebration. LEARN MORE
What does COPA STC Provide?
  • A fun, outgoing Party Coach to guide you throughout your day.
  • Comfortable Party Room with seating for all your participating guests.
  • Equipment for a wide range of exciting games and offerings.
  • Black plastic tableware and napkins (if needed).
  • Black tablecloths (if needed).
  • Water jug available upon request.

Please visit our Party Add On’s section to learn more about exciting additions to make your Party even more special!
What do Party Families Provide?
  • Cake, food, & beverages.
  • Party Favors (COPA STC has options for an additional fee).
  • Decorations for Party Room (COPA STC has options for an additional fee).
  • Party Invitations (COPA STC has options for an additional fee).
What is the Schedule for the Day of Our Party?
We kindly request that you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your party to check in at the Front Desk. Our staff will assist with transporting your food, beverages, and cake to the designated staging area and oversee the check-in process for your guests.

Your assistance in guiding parents to the check-in desk is invaluable and greatly appreciated! As soon as your Party kicks off, our staff will accompany your guests to the Activity Space. An hour into the Party, the Party Host will have access to their dedicated Party Room where you can then transfer your food, cake, presents, and decorations from the staging area.

75 minutes into your Party, your Party Coach will lead your guests to the Party Room to enjoy food and cake. At this time, the Party Family is responsible for all kids at the Party and keeping them in the designated Party Room until they are picked up by a parent/guardian.

All Party Guests are expected to exit their Party Room on time and leave it in the same condition as it was upon your arrival. Failure to do so may result in forfeit or only partial refund of your rental deposit.
Important Details to Add to Your Party Invitation
COPA STC is a no cleat facility. Participants are welcome to wear regular tennis shoes, or indoor soccer shoes. Comfortable, athletic clothing and water bottles are recommended for participants.

Participants should plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled Party time starting to ensure your participant is checked in and has a waiver signed at the Front Desk. Plan to pick up 10 minutes prior to the scheduled Party end time to ensure that you have ample time to clean up and clear out of your Party Room in a timely manner.
What are the Party Room Options?
We have a Standard Party Room option, which is included in the base rate of your Party, as well as a Premium Party Room option, which you can upgrade to for a $100 fee. Standard Party Rooms are assigned at random based on what is available on the date you’ve scheduled your Party.
How Many Participants are Included in a Party?
For All Sport’s, Cube Soccer, NERF, and Glow in the Dark Parties 12 participants are included in your base rate. Once you exceed 12 participants, there is an Additional Guest Fee of $20 per guest once you go over 12. Once you reach 15 participants, an Additional Coach will be added to your Party for a $100 fee.

For Bounce House and 2-5 Parties, 8 participants are included in your base rate. Once you exceed 8 participants there is an Additional Guest Fee of $20 per guest once you go over 8. Once you reach 10 participants, an Additional Coach will be added to your Party for a $100 fee. These additional fees are mandatory for safety reasons, as well as to ensure our youngest party guests can get the attention they need to have the most enjoyable time possible!
Party Inquiry Form
This proprietary technology is an immersive experience designed to train spatial awareness, power, accuracy, speed, footwork, and decision-making skills.
This proprietary technology is an immersive experience designed to train spatial awareness, power, accuracy, speed, footwork, and decision-making skills.