Welcome to COPA STC, where we utilize our unique facility to host community events as a great way to bring people together, build relationships, and strengthen community ties. Open to both Members and guests, these events can range from small gatherings like storytime, to larger events like parents night out, festivals, or charity fundraisers.
Our goal is to help cultivate a sense of belonging and connectedness among one another and create a positive and inclusive environment for all members of the community to come together and celebrate their shared interests and values.
Don’t miss out on our upcoming community events happening at COPA STC! Bring your friends and family along for a memorable experience. See you there!



Looking for a fun and stress-free night out for parents while your kids are in safe hands? Join us for our Parents Night Out! Each evening will consist of a different theme that will have you and your partner enjoying a night out while your kids have a blast at our facility.
From luau parties to cars nights, our themed Parents Night Out events are a great way to enjoy a kid-free evening while getting to know other parents in the community. Plus, your kids will love the themed activities and games we have planned for them.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a stress-free and fun night out with your partner. Sign up for our themed Parents Night Out event today and make memories that will last a lifetime!


$40 / Member

$60 / Non-Member

Father’s Day Tech Showdown

Get ready to celebrate Father’s Day in style with our first-ever Father’s Day Tech Showdown! For this exciting event we’re inviting dads and their kids to join forces and compete as teams in a series of exhilarating challenges, utilizing the Cube, Skills.Lab, Speed Track, and Speed Court. It’s the ultimate test of skill, speed, and teamwork that will have everyone on the edge of their seats!
Whether you’re shaving down your speed of play in the Cube, honing your precision in the Skills.Lab, or racing against the clock on the Speed Track, there’s something for every duo to enjoy. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! After conquering the tech challenges, all teams are invited to finish the day by unleashing their competitive spirit in a friendly scrimmage on our Turf Arena.
So, lace up your sneakers, and get ready to make unforgettable memories with us this Father’s Day! Don’t miss out on the fun, or on the exciting prizes for winning teams!
Register now and secure your spot for a day of fun, laughter, and friendly competition!


$55 / Member

$75 / Non-Member

* All participating children must be individually registered. Registering a child automatically registers the parent as well.

Storytime in the Jungle

Imagine bringing a story to life through physical expression, allowing children and adults alike to fully immerse themselves in the narrative.
By incorporating movement and stretches into story time, we can create a dynamic and engaging experience that appeals to all ages. From mimicking the movements of animals in the story, to stretching like characters in different scenes, the possibilities are endless.

Not only does this approach make storytelling more interactive and fun, but it also promotes physical
activity and mindfulness. Through movement and stretches, participants can engage their bodies and
minds, fostering a holistic experience that enhances the storytelling.

Watch as the story comes to life in a whole new way!


$10 / Member

$20 / Non-Member

What To Expect


Are there sibling or multi-day discounts?
No, COPA STC does not offer sibling or multi-day discounts currently.
Can I be with my friends or siblings at a COPA Youth Event?
COPA STC makes every effort to group friends, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you are looking to be grouped with a friend, you must request it in the registration process.
What is the refund policy if I can’t attend an event I purchased?
All registrations are final. We do not offer refunds, schedule changes, or transfers. If there are extenuating circumstances and your child is not able to attend our COPA Youth Event, please reach out to the Member Services Team via info@copastc.com to discuss your options.
Can I register for a COPA Youth Event without a Daysmart account?
When signing up, you will be directed to create a Daysmart account. This step must be completed to continue the event registration process.
This proprietary technology is an immersive experience designed to train spatial awareness, power, accuracy, speed, footwork, and decision-making skills.